Master Stucco:  Unsurpassed Quality.  Serving Nashville since 1994.  Stucco repair, stucco maintenance, stucco installation, and extended stucco warranties.


Our craftsmanship is unparalleled in the construction industry. Below is an example of our stucco repair services (click and drag the slider bar to compare the before and after images):


Master Stucco returns your stucco to a "like-new" condition. Whether your problem comes from a leak, improper installation, or a pesky woodpecker, Master Stucco can help! This condominium had extensive ripples and cracks, until Master Stucco made the repair. We fix the source of the problem as well as the stucco to ensure that the damage will not happen again.


  • Installation Stucco Installation
  • Makeovers Construction Makeovers
  • Painting Painting
  • Stucco RepairStucco Repair
  • Wood Trim Wood Trim Repair
  • Wood Framing Wood Framing Repair
  • Inspections Stucco Inspections
  • Maintenance Stucco Maintenance